what's slew bearings(single,double,three) row? where's turntable swing bearings manufacturer? how to buy slewing ring bearings?
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YDTech® manufacturer of precision slewing ring bearings()! supplier of turntable swing bearings (single,double,three) in china.

slewing rings have a compact design, which facilitates more ease of use and can be manufactured without teeth, with internal or external teeth, with balls and/or with rollers. The patented hourglass design of Kinematics' slewing ring bearings is especially effective. The design of their slewing rings allows more teeth to be engaged at one time, leading to higher torque endurance and, essentially, a stronger and more durable slewing bearing.

we are a leading supplier of slew bearings(maximum outside diameter 10000mm) for wind energy, from small wind turbines of 5kW to the latest multi MW offshore turbines up to 10MW. the custom designed slewing bearings are engineered in close cooperation with turbine manufacturers: our dedicated engineering team is at your service for new developments and design optimisation.

slewing bearings are delivered worldwide from our state of the art production facilities: with more than 100,000 blade bearings representing 45GW of installed wind power.

all our production is perfectly under control and the matching of the rings and the rolling elements, gives batch after batch, the certainty to obtain the right bearing for this very demanding application. We propose also motor torque bearings.

the slewing bearing drives in heavy machinery enable higher torque, speed reduction and rotational functions. Applications include solar trackers, digger derricks, truck cranes, wind turbines, utility equipment, hydraulic equipment attachments and tire handlers. Their range of applications make slewing ring bearings an integral part of particular industries, including aerospace, automotive, forestry, manufacturing, medical, military, nautical, power, robotics and surveillance.

slew bearings, turntable swing bearings, slewing ring bearings
single row four point contact ball slewing bearing
double row ball slewing ring bearing
three row roller slewing ring bearing
crossed cylindrical roller slewing ring
roller and ball turntable swing bearings
wind power bearing
slewing ring TBM(tunnel boring machine) combined bearings
slew bearings, turntable swing bearings, slewing ring bearings
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