what's drive(center) pins for face drivers on turning, milling, drilling, grinding? where's drive(blade) pins for face driving on workholding,CNC (milling, drilling, grinding) machines, lathes manufacturer?
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YDTech® manufacturer of drive(blade) pins for face driving on workholding,CNC (milling, drilling, grinding) machines, lathes! supplier of drive(center) pins for face drivers on turning, milling, drilling, grinding in china.

face drivers of with drive disks are mechanical clamping systems which are suited for soft/green as well as hard tooling. in application, they feature maximum flexibility and high robustness.

other benefits of face drivers are reduced energy costs, as well as less wear and tear on the spindle and on the machine’s internal components. it takes more energy to spin a large chuck mounted on the machine than it might with a small face driver. mechanical face drivers may also reduce maintenance costs. applying grease when changing drive pins is usually all that is required.

we produce drive pins on the customer's drawings,it's grinding include serrated tip, not lathe processing. act as the teeth of the face driver and bite into the face of the part being machined. Drive pins are replaceable and depending on the size of the driver and the workpiece involved are used in sets of three to ten.

the entire surface of the work piece can be tooled and finished by clamping with a maximum of torque transmission. when choosing a face driver you first need to know the diameter of the finished workpiece. compare that diameter to the driving diameter range that is stated at the top of each page.

the mounting of the face driver is determined by your machine spindle. depending on the type of face driver, three different mounts are available: shank, flange, or chuck mount.

there are two factors to consider when choosing driving pins: pin direction and driving diameter. both are stated in the second and third columns of this table. when choosing a center point make sure the center hole diameter of your workpiece falls within the required range in this table.

the positioning or work does not depend on the diameter of the center hole because of the spring-loaded center point. even when faces are uneven the median position of the pins will remain constant from piece to piece.

for longer tool life and best results we recommend you do not exceed the following tailstock force capacities for face drivers. each pin individually compensates for any irregularities in the face until all of the pins are fully engaged. under the increasing axial load, the drive pins penetrate the workpiece completing the clamping operation, while the center point maintains the axis of rotation.

with face driver, the entire workpiece is exposed for machining. therefore, you are able to machine the entire length of the workpiece in one operation. the elimination of a setup in the production process results in increased accuracy and efficiency. furthermore, the single axis reference point established by the center point of the face driver allows for a higher concentricity.

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