what's silicon nitride(Si3N4) ceramic ball bearings? where's thrust ball bearings manufacturers? how to buy deep groove zirconia(ZrO2) ball bearings?
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YDTech™ supplier of angular contact zirconia(ZrO2) ball bearings! OEM of self aligning silicon nitride(Si3N4) ball or spherical ball bearings in china.

ceramic ball bearings have quickly proven themselves far superior to their steel counterparts. increased demands for more efficient and quicker production have uncovered many weaknesses in the use of steel bearings. faster production speeds mean more loads and negative forces are being applied to the steel parts.

as temperatures and friction increase with the higher production speeds the steel rolling elements and their surrounding rings will show small imperfections that can shorten the life span of the bearing. lubrication for the bearings will also wear out quickly causing the parts to seize possibly causing more damage to the machine than just needing to replace the bearing.

certain applications for bearings are not conducive to using traditional steel. corrosive elements such as water and salt will break down steel very quickly and where electricity or magnetic fields are created the steel will act as a conductor damaging the bearing over time. ceramic ball bearings are pretty much immune to all of these factors making them the product of choice for all bearing applications.

the perfectly smooth surface of the ceramic rolling elements will prevent the microscopic imperfections that cause failure in steel bearings. ceramic ball bearings are also non conductive so they are perfect for use in applications where electricity or magnetic fields are created, and they are non corrosive so they can be submerged in water or salt and not break down.

ceramic bearings used in racing are constructed using conventional hardened steel races, but with the steel balls replaced with ceramic balls. we improve them by superfinishing the steel races, then coat the races and the ceramic balls the coating that changes the way lubricants work. the result is the finest ball bearing available, anywhere.

silicon nitride balls are used in processing equipment to improve bearing performance. silicon nitride balls are lighter, stiffer, smoother, harder, corrosion resistant, require less lubrication, and have a lower thermal expansion than their steel counterparts which allow the bearing to run at higher speeds and higher operational temperatures with lower torque. silicon nitride balls are better in oscillation, extreme temperature and are extremely durable.

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