what's one way backstop bearing(CKA,CKB,CKC,CKD,CKL,CKF,CKN,CKX)? where's overrunning clutches(CKZ-A,CKZ-B,CKZ-C,CKZ-D,CKZ-F) manufacturer? how to buy wedge type clutches?
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YDTech® manufacturer of wedge type overrunning clutches(CKZ-A,CKZ-B,CKZ-C,CKZ-D,CKZ-F! supplier of one way backstop bearings(CKA,CKB,CKC,CKD,CKL,CKF,CKN,CKX) in china.

type CKF-A is a centrifugal lift off sprag type freewheel with the inner race rotating. only the inner race is designed for freewheeling. It is a non self- supported type.

bearings must be provided to ensure concentricity of the inner and outer races and support axial and radial loads, as shown overleaf. Concentricity and run-out limits must be observed. The CKF-A type accepts all types of lubricant currently used in power transmission equipment.

It is possible to mount these freewheels directly in gear-boxes without separate lubrication. An oil mist is generally sufficient. Grease lubrication may be acceptable if the unit works mostly in overrunning condition, as on E-motors.

simplicity of installation promotes additional cost savings. The drawn cup roller clutch, or the clutch and bearing assembly, must be pressed into its housing. The unit is pressed into the bore of a gear hub or pulley hub, or housing of the proper size, and no shoulders, splines, keys, screws or snap rings are required. Installation procedures are summarized in the following sketches:

use an arbor press or hydraulic ram press which will exert steady pressure. Never use a hammer or other tool requiring pounding to drive the clutch into its housing.

make sure that the housing bore is chamfered to permit easy introduction of the clutch and bearing or the clutch unit. Press unit slightly beyond the chamfer in the housing bore to assure full seating. Through-bored housings are always preferred. If the housing has a shoulder, never seat the clutch against the shoulder.

the mounted clutch or clutch and bearing assembly engages when the housing is rotated relative to the shaft in the direction of the arrow and lock marking stamped on the cup. Make sure that the unit is oriented properly before pressing it into its housing.

If clutch is straddled by needle roller bearings, press units into position in proper sequence and preferably leave a small clearance between units. When assembling the shaft, it should be rotated in the overrun direction during insertion. The end of the shaft should have a large chamfer or rounding.

types of wedge overrunning clutches, one way backstop bearings

wedge overrunning clutches, one way backstop bearings
CK-A series wedge types of one way overrunning backstop clutches had not bearing support CK-A1542/CK-A1747/CK-A2052/CK-A2562/CK-A3072/CK-A3580/CK-A4090/CK-A45100/CK-A50110/CK-A60130/CK-A65140/CK-A70150/CK-A75160/CK-A80170/CK-A1250/CK-A1855/CK-A2060/CK-A2563/CK-A2870/CK-A3080T/CK-A3585/CK-A35100/CK-A35140/CK-A40110/CK-A10125/CK-A20130/CK-A55160/CK-A58130/CK-A60180/CK-A4090/CK-A2070/CK-A3080/CK-A2870/CK-A50100/CK-A16055-55
CK-B series wedge types of one way clutches backstops,ends faces with keyway,had not bearing support CK-B1042 CK-B1542 CK-B1747 CK-B2052 CK-B2562 CK-B3062 CK-B3572 CK-B4080 CK-B4585 CK-B5090 CK-B55100 CK-B60110 CK-B70125 CK-B80140 CK-B90160 CK-B3072 CK-B3580 CK-B3585 CK-B4090 CK-B45100
CK-C series wedge types of one way clutches backstops,ends faces with keyway,had not bearing support CK-C2052 CK-C2562 CK-C3062 CK-C3572 CK-C4080 CK-C4585 CK-C5090 CK-C55100 CK-C60110 CK-C70125 CK-C80140 CK-C90160 CK-C3072 CK-C4090 CK-C4285 CK-C65120
CK-D(B200) series wedge types of one way clutches backstops,ends faces with keyway,had not bearing support CK-D1740 CK-D2047 CK-D2552 CK-D3062 CK-D3572 CK-D4080 CK-D4585 CK-D5090 CK-D55100 CK-D60110 CK-D65120 CK-D70125 B203 B204 B205 B206 B207 B208 B209 B210 B211 B212 B213 B214
CKF-A series noncontact wedge clutches CKF-A2090, CKF-A2595, CKF-A30102, CKF-A35110, CKF-A40125, CKF-A45130, CKF-A50150, CKF-A55160, CKF-A60175, CKF-A70190, CKF-A80210, CKF-A90230, CKF-A100280, CKF-A130320, CKF-A150400,
CK-L series wedge types of one way overrunning backstop clutches with sliding bearing support CK-L1560 CK-L2072 CK-L2585 CK-L3085 CK-L3095 CK-L40115 CK-L45135
CK-N series wedge types of one way overrunning backstop clutches without Oil seal and bearing supports. CK-N2562 CK-N25100 CK-N30100 CK-N35100 CK-N40125 CK-N45125 CK-N50125 CK-N55125 CK-N60150 CK-N70150 CK-N80180 CK-N90180
wedge overrunning one way backstop bearings, one way overrunning backstop clutches
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