what's zirconium oxide(ZrO2) rollers,balls,bearings, rings, beads, tube,blocks,shafts? where's ceramic ZrO2 cylindrical rollers manufacturers? how to buy zirconia ceramics needle rollers?
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YDTech™ supplier of ceramics zirconia ZrO2 needle and cylindrical rollers! OEM of zirconium oxide(ZrO2) rollers,balls,bearings, rings,tube,blocks,shafts in china.

we supply many kinds of ceramic parts according to the customers' differents requirements. our products include the ceramic disc valve, ceramic plunger , ceramic rod, ceramic shaft, ceramic piston, ceramic water valve sheet, ceramic pipe sleeve, ceramic loom plunger, ceramic seal ring, special shape ceramic, zro2 zirconia ceramic roller ,al2o3 alumina ceramic roller ,ceramic knife etc.

the products of ceramic balls and ceramic bearings have been successfully applied in aviation and aerospace spheres,contributing to a lot for national defense. to date ceramic balls of various specification in a wide rang of sizes,which are made have been assembled in precision,high speed main shaft,dental drill,instrument bearing,computer hard disk driver and anti-magnetic,anti-corrosion,high-temperature applications. non-standard bearing orders to specifications arranged by customers are also welcomed.

we are specializing in designing and supplying zirconia ceramic ,such as zirconia ceramic according to your requirement, we encourage you to discuss your project with us early to avoid difficult problems later. we will specify benefits of each material and discuss various processing techniques which is suitable for your product.

you tell us your requirement, we design and supply the best product for you. your any comments is the most support for us. the improvement will never end. welcome to your enquiry including requirement!

ceramic materials, which can be used in making bearings, include mainly silicon nitride(si3n4), zirconia(zro2), alumina(al2o3)and so on. si3n4 is in speaking form,which bearing steel also had,but zro2,al2o3 fail in a crush form,a catastrophic failure. !note:non-standard ceramic ball orders to specifications arranged by customers are also welcomed.

the constant quality control during manufacturing is the guarantee for the good quality and for the satisfaction of our customer. meeting the specifications and drawings of our customers are the basis of our quality control. we use many ways and equipment to inspect for products. also we control every step for producing. we will store the quality data for traceability purposes. welcome to receive your enquiry including requirements and comments!

zirconium oxide(ZrO2) rollers,ceramic balls,ZrO2 bearings,zirconia rings,ceramic tube, Si3N4 blocks, shafts
density(g/cm3)relative density(??)elastic modulus(GPa) compression strength ratio(25C)??Hardness HV(GPa)
Fracture toughness(MPa.m1/21/2)Bending trength(MPa)Poisson's ratio Linear expansion coefficient10-6K-1Webuller modulus
Thermal conductivity (W.(m.K)-1)Specific resistance ratioCorrosion resistance Size stabilityMagnetic
zirconium oxide(ZrO2) rollers,ceramic balls,ZrO2 bearings,zirconia rings,ceramic tube, Si3N4 blocks, shafts
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