YDTech® what's spherical rollers and barrel rollers? where's loose spherical rollers and convex rollers manufacture? how to buy precision spherical rollers or spherical roller bearings?
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manufacture of precision spherical rollers or spherical roller bearings! supplier of loose spherical rollers and convex rollers in china.

the spherical rollers that are thicker in the middle and thinner at the ends,spherical rollers are difficult to produce and thus expensive.

we are manufactured precision rollers psrts. including cylindrical rollers,spherical rollers, needle rollers, tapered rollers, cuspidal ends rolles, arc correction line rollers, logarithm profile rollers etc. we will provide you quality needle roller with competitive price and excellent service.

In many highly stressed applications the cylindrical roller cannot be “too cylindrical” – otherwise severe edge loading will occur. Perfectly cylindrical surfaces in contact always have higher stresses at the edges. Furthermore, this edge loading can worsen if the roller is slightly misaligned or if the components bend or distort during operation.

by putting a tightly controlled “crown” on the roller at the micrometer level, the loading of the bearing can actually be made more consistent over the length of the bearing. The following figures show how different types of surface profiles induce different kinds of contact stresses at low and high loading.

This type of bearing utilizes cylindrically shaped rollers as the load carrying element. This bearing type is designed to carry large radial loads. This bearing, in its basic configuration, is not well suited to counter axial loads. The rollers may actually be slightly barrel shaped in certain designs. Barrel shaped rollers and their associated outer race allow for some self alignment of the bearing. Needle bearings are a special adaptation of the cylindrical roller bearing.

sizes of spherical rollers

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